The Wiccan Rede


The Wiccan or Witch’s Rede goes as follows:

An it harm none, do what ye will

This is considered the fundamental principle or tenet of witchcraft, and is a much debated and disputed concept/dictum.  Most consider it sacred and believe it should be followed first and foremost by all followers of Wicca or those who consider themselves witches.

But what does it mean?

It’s important, in your interpretation of the Rede, to consider its writing, context and history.  As with legal interpretations of Human Rights Charters and laws, the Rede needs to be looked at for both language and intent, in its parts and as a whole.

To me, the Wiccan Rede makes an implacable dictate that your actions must not cause harm.  In my interpretation I consider harm to be any negative effects, first through third order, towards sentient living beings, the environment and society.

I also consider the second part of the Rede to hold weight and importance.  Do what ye will, I consider to be permissiveness, or a positive right, to live your life freely and in pursuit of your own interests and experiences, less anything you do which might cause harm to others.

Unlike other religions, traditions and cultures which try to restrict your freedom and to force you to confirm, I take pleasure in the liberty of witchcraft and value that the one rule which stands above them all is not to worship a god or act in a certain way, but to cause no harm.

As with all things on this Path, I believe you must listen to your own heart and find your own way.

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